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Graphic Design

With over 15 years experience as a print and online graphic designer, I collaborate with clients to devise successful marketing solutions using social media, print/online advertising and newsletters, website content creation and management, photography, press releases, signage, information design and internal communications.


Design is a creative journey that begins with countless options and ends with a clear, effective visual that identifies the client in an instant. It's not an easy task to intentionally makes choices to represent the whole of a business, but I thrive in solving this puzzle. Here are typical questions I ask my clients:

Logo and Branding


  • What is your company's mission and service and how can it be relayed instantly and effectively?

  • Which unique typefaces, colors, shapes, images and graphic themes visually support your brand?

  • What is the desired message the visual identity must reveal to potential clients? 

  • What adaptations of the visual identity are expected, such as, marketing materials (including print and digital), promotional events, merchandise and other applications?

  • Does your branding act as an umbrella for multiple services, warranting a flexible logo that can vary yet maintain visual connection?


What is the best method of advertising your company? Online calendars and events, Instagram or TikTok posts, FaceBook, blogging, marketing emails or texts, press releases, workshops, community fairs, posters, etc.?


Digital Marketing


  • What is the intended goal of your website and social media messages and how is this information presented to potential clients?

  • Efficient information design can support readability, ease navigation and help viewers understand who you are. What primary information needs to be highlighted and how do you want potential customers to take action?

  • What have you defined as appropriate demographics for your services and what platforms, frequency, media and messaging will be most effective?

  • Consistent digital messaging and advertising will yield the most results longterm. Based on your demographics, what is the best way to push your message, events and services into their digital space?


Print marketing

Would your business benefit from business cards, brochures, posters and other printed materials that potential clients can interact with offline?

Graphic Design Samples

TrueRepOz Poster_edited.jpg

Show Poster for True Repertory Theatre, Kingstown, MA

The Kindness Collaborative Logo, based in Andover, MA


This marvelous organization was formed in 2020 during the onset of the Covid pandemic to spread kindness and collect donations for local families with basic needs. Their success has led them to greatly expand their mission and now includes engaged individuals, businesses, other nonprofits, and state and local leadership throughout the Merrimack Valley.

This logo design is based on the concept of "paying it forward". The heart shape was important to maintain and the treatment creates movement, energy and an embrace around the organization's name. Through a spirit of kindness and love, someone who donates school supplies, food or their time is actually donating to many people at the same time. The recipients could one day help the original donor, and the cycle continues. This typeface felt like the best balance between the informal concept of kindness and the organic concept of seeking assistance during difficult times.

Magical Mary Design Logo


This symbol represents the journey of a life time of art making into marketable products that I love making and people love having in their homes!

Many years ago, I started calling myself "Magical Mary" while creating with my children - puppets, party decor, paintings, clothing, clay creations, fairy houses, costumes, jewelry, percussion instruments, mobiles, and so much more!

For this logo, my intention was to capture my use of multiple media and create something new out of familiar materials by layering and mixing together many concepts, colors and shapes. The rich teal of the name is a midway point between the blue and yellow (favorite colors) and the layering hints toward movement and my love of 3D art.

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