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Magical Mary Design: handcrafted art made with love and available for purchase.


For a complete selection of products, please visit my page.

Contact me to order anything on this page and to see my newest creations!

Upcycled Chandelier Suncatchers

These sparkling, one-of-a-kind sun catchers are handcrafted from jewelry, Mardi Gras Beads, antique chandelier crystals, pendants, plus findings of all sorts. Suncatchers come in a endless variety of colors and combinations, from 16 to 26 inches long. Custom color requests are absolutely welcome! 

Do you have special jewelry from a loved one? I can create a few suncatchers from cherished jewelry so that family can each have a sparkling reminder of this person.

Collaged Hook Racks

Upcycled magazines, postcards and photos are carefully trimmed then decoupaged onto boards with sturdy hooks. Each board is inspired by a color scheme or visual theme and comes ready to hang. Perfect for organizing keys, leashes, hats, bags and more.

Custom requests for size, colors and images are absolutely welcome!

Chakra Suncatchers

Chakra sun catchers are about 26 inches in length and feature a 3 inch antique chandelier crystal. They are handcrafted from various crystals, upcycled jewelry, glass or clay beads, and gold or silver hardware. Place in a window and be dazzled by energizing sparkles filling your space!

Rainbow Dancing Sreamers

Sold as a pair and perfect for dance, movement and music classes, parades, music playtime, and more! Enjoyed by kids of all ages, they add swishing colors, excitement and interactivity to all sort of activities.

Long 18"  streamers (adult) are $11 and short 14" streamers (child) are waterproof, handmade to order, and handcrafted with no wooden, plastic or metal parts.

Showchoir Competition Merchandise


Handy, colorful, high quality items to keep you organized and chill while watching the best sport on stage ever! Bags, t-shirts, tumblers and more.

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