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Personal Assistant

By collaborating in person or remotely, you can focus on what's most important while I handle administrative or personal duties with a professional and organized style.

  • Organizing homes or offices, including unpacking and setting up efficient spaces and systems

  • Packing for a move, including selling, donating or purging belongings

  • Managing and organizing diaries, scheduling appointments, meetings, and events

  • Creating and maintaining personal contact databases, filing systems

  • Planning parties, vacations and other events

  • Running errands, buying groceries, making deliveries

  • Preparing meals on a weekly or individual basis

Business Assistant Skills

  • Make and confirm appointments, travel arrangements, reservations and deliverables from vendors

  • Create content for digital and print channels, including social media, website, PR materials

  • Proofread, copyedit and write reports and documents, transcribe from dictation

  • Conduct online research to create content, compare subjects and collect statistics

  • Organize events, take meeting notes, manage print jobs, support your staff on-site or virtually

  • Manage orders and returns of supplies and merchandise needed by you or your customers via mailing or in-person delivery

  • Design and prepare digital presentations, coach staff on presentations

  • Provide customer service including fielding emails and phone calls from customers

  • Community outreach, focus group meetings, creativity workshops, brainstorming



  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

  • Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Calendar)

  • Constant Contact, MailChimp

  • Wix, SquareSpace, GoDaddy

  • FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube

  • ASAP Connected (Registration and Management Software)



Thoughts from Clients

“Mary was a lifesaver when I needed to move. She was organized, always cheerful and incredibly efficient. She came in with a full timeline of what needed to be done when, ordered supplies, packed things up, labeled every box, and organized them in our storage unit. I recommend Mary and wouldn't consider moving without her."

Amy Finegold, Andover, MA

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